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Little Ninjas - Starts at age 3

This is an exclusive program for children ages 3 to 6 that integrates the learning of martial arts, life and safety skills. The goal of our program is to prepare our young students for life. When they are mature enough they advance to our Youth Program.

Each student will develop a solid foundation in karate stances, basic techniques, sparring combinations, self-defense and kata (sequential pre-arranged karate techniques). Character development, life skills, and safety skills; physical fitness and coordination; and self-defense including bully defense and stranger awareness are all part of this comprehensive, immediate and practical application of the martial arts.

Our teaching methods are based on the best karate teaching practices and learning development principles providing your child with a fun and dynamic experience in a positive, safe, supportive and disciplined atmosphere.

The early stages of a child’s formation and education are critical, and they will build a foundation of values, beliefs, skills and habits that could last a lifetime.  Our goal is to help you in making sure these values, beliefs, skills and habits are positive.

By participating in our Little Ninjas program, your child will gain the following benefits:

Develop a greater sense of self-confidence, self-esteem and self- worth                                           
Learn polite greetings, polite manners                                                 

Act respectfully toward family members, teachers and others

Increase focus and concentration                                                            

Learn to live and play safely                                     
Show self-control  

Learn to share, make friends, to share and promote teamwork
Enhance memory and listening skills

Understand responsibility, increase awareness of body and space
Develop physical balance, flexibility, self
-control and coordination 

We know the importance of FUN and variety to maintain high interest and participation.

Youth Program - Starts at age 5

Our goal is to build our kids from the "inside out." This means that our first goal is to build confidence, self-discipline and self-control. Once our students are armed with these characteristics they will participate and apply 100% effort with the "Yes I Can" attitude.

We also understand your desire to have children that will use their common sense before using their skills for self-defense. Our students maintain a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a healthy outlook on life. Martial Arts builds strong bodies and most importantly, strong values.

We are proud to help parents develop children who value Honesty, Courtesy, Respect for Authority and the ability to say "No" to unhealthy peer pressure.

At InnerFit Martial Arts, we realize that although the ability to defend oneself is important, there are many additional benefits to be gained from involving your child in a martial arts program. Our unique method of training is fun and is designed to:

Instill a Positive Attitude
Build Confidence and Self Esteem
Teach the Importance of Strong Values and Good Character
Promote the Desire to Learn
Improve Effort and Motivation
Improve Concentration
Teach Self Discipline
Instill Respect for Themselves and for Others

Problem Solving Skills

Team Building Skills

By embodying these principles in our children’s classes, the InnerFit's team has made a strong commitment to today’s youngsters. Our carefully designed programs will improve your child’s performance in other sports as well as improving study habits and increasing overall concentration. By building self confidence, self respect, and self discipline, we are helping young people to deal with the many problems they face growing up in today’s world, including drugs, peer pressure, and gangs.

Teens and Adult Program  -  Starts at age 13

This is a Fast-paced, High-Energy, Challenging class that leaves teens knowing they can do anything they set their minds to! This program will get your teen in shape and empower them with skills that will last a lifetime. Our program helps teens develop respect, self-control, self-discipline, a positive attitude and a sense of self-worth. This program also helps with real life communication skills all while getting your teen in top physical condition.

Our Adult students really appreciate the differences between Karate and standard exercise programs. Unlike joining a gym, 
membership in our school is an excellent way to develop your Mind, Body AND Spirit! Improve your mood, blow off steam, lose weight, improve your reflexes, increase flexibility, boost your confidence and so MUCH more! Plus, our instructors will serve as your own personal trainers! We'll motivate you, work individually with you, and even call you if you miss classes. What gym can offer that level of service?